New Sophos Support Phone Numbers in Effect July 1st, 2023

Good news! The latest improvements to Sophos Wireless will make an IT manager's life much easier. These enhancements provide better throughput at load, a power-save mode and an overall enhanced recovery method for robust connectivity between the AP and Sophos Central. This is a staged release and the release rollout could happen in your region over the next four weeks. 

Since the last update, we’ve introduced two enhancements which provide you with improved client connectivity insights and SSID configuration.


Previously Introduced

Client connectivity insight: Helps you track the roaming pattern of associated clients between APs, radios, and networks and gives an indication of the signal strength over a period of time. Simply navigate to the ‘Clients’ section from the left menu and click on an active client to experience this feature.


SSID Creation Wizard: Simplifies the configuration workflow by walking you through the steps required to configure your wireless network. This now provides a clear differentiation between basic SSID configuration and more granular setup with advanced features, for those of you with more extensive skills.


Version 1.15 also brings a more robust WLAN experience by offering:

  • Better WLAN throughput at load
  • Stable recovery mechanisms during WAN connectivity loss
  • Better performance in power-save modes 
  • Stability at peak load with traffic mix
  • Better voice quality for Lync, Skype, Zoom, etc.

Key issues addressed in the release:


  • CWIFI-6997 VoIP clients are randomly disconnected several times a day
  • CWIFI-7032 AP lost connectivity to the cloud after cloud upgrade. (IMPORTANT: See below)
  • CWIFI-7029 APs disconnecting from Central Admin without obvious error.
  • CWIFI-7226 Cloud client gets killed if Ethernet is unplugged for 5 min.
  • CWIFI-5803 Power Save: Ping latency is high with wireless clients performing legacy power save /PS-POLL on 5 GHz.
  • CWIFI-6984 ACS/DCS should not pick DFS channel.
  • CWIFI-6936 Clients connected to guest bridge mode get the proper DNS but AP has the loopback DNS
  • CWIFI-6934 When DNS server is not configured no internet with guest network in NAT mode
  • CWIFI-6354 DCS does not work in 2.4 GHz radio
  • CWIFI-5115 Hotspot: NAS-Port-Type is missing in RADIUS request


What To Do If Your AP Remains Offline: (IMPORTANT)

In some cases, an Access Point may still appear as Offline in Central Admin after it is upgraded. Re-registering the affected AP(s) with the following steps will resolve the issue:

  1. Navigate to My Products Wireless Access Points in Sophos Central Admin
  2. Locate the affected AP and copy the serial number displayed on this page
  3. Click the Register button
  4. On the displayed Register Access Point window, paste in the serial number from step #2 and click Register
  5. Wait for the registration prompt to report success, then close the Register Access Point window
  6. Check the previously affected AP, it should now be connected to Central Admin

Repeat steps #2 through #6 for any other affected APs.

You can also refer to this KBA 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.