Today we released a new version of Sophos Wireless. This release does not contain any AP firmware update. The latest version is 1.10.1-3 . It contains the following features and improvements:


Client list per access point

The access point details page got extended. On the top you can switch between settings for that specific AP and its client list.

The access point client list contains the same set of information as the global client list but filtered for that specific access point.


Client connection information

For every client you can now get more detailed connection information: for the last 24 hours or 7 days, you see

  • The access points a client was connected to
  • The networks it was on
  • The bands the client was using

This information has ~5 minute granularity for connection and roaming. Disconnects from AP or network have a 30 minute accuracy. The signal quality graph is aligned with a 30 minute granularity. The granularity will be improved over time.


Detailed release notes

New features

  • CWIFI-5405: client connection information (see above)
  • CWIFI-6467: AP- specific Client list (see above)
  • CWIFI-5473: show the actual channel an AP is broadcasting on

Improvements and bugfixes

With 1.10.1-3

  • CWIFI-6302: continued service availability in cases like slow/hanging connections or internal application errors

With 1.12

  • CWIFI-3291: fix issue that caused duplicate entries to be shown in the access point list
  • CWIFI-3739: improved error display in floorplan upload
  • CWIFI-4190, CWIFI-6313: fixed issues that causes SSID password to be auto-filled
  • CWIFI-4659: corrected duration calculation for firmware updates
  • CWIFI-4710: added validations to onboarding wizard
  • CWIFI-5852: show bandwidth options for automatic channel selection
  • CWIFI-5917: improved UI feedback on missing configurations for SSID configuration
  • CWIFI-6052: improved reports for High retries and DNS latency
  • CWIFI-6157: adjusted thresholds for events on high retries
  • CWIFI-6370: fixed issue that SSID was not editable/shown anymore when using MAC filters
  • Various small UI issues