New Sophos Support Phone Numbers in Effect July 1st, 2023

Release v2.0.0-12 brings some of the key stability, connectivity and  vulnerability fixes to Central Wireless Access Point

 (Staged release will start from September 27th - Multiple regions)

 Issues fixed in v2.0.0-12

Issue Key Description
CWIFI-9449 5GHz SSID not broadcasting  in APX320 when mesh in enabled
CWIFI-9288 Nest Camera unable to re-associate
CWIFI-9411 DFS channels list for AU country code should be available to operate
CWIFI-9401 CWIFI-9401  Duplicate open and secured SSIDs on APs observed sometimes 

Open/Known Issues in v2.0.0-12

Issue Key Description
CWIFI-9526 SSIDs are not getting broadcasted when mesh is established between APX and legacy AP platform
CWIFI-9527  For the first time usage graphs are updated only after 20 minutes
CWIFI-9548 The existing alerts appears to miss some information like Serial number, site etc