We released a new AP firmware for Sophos Wireless with the following changes:

  • CWIFI-5220: fix for failing MESH setup
  • CWIFI-5608: fixed issue that required AP reboot when disabling hotspot for a SSID
  • CWIFI-5735: fixed issue for failing hotspot authentications in rare circumstances
  • CWIFI-5758: fixed issue preventing large number (>40) of clients to connect successfully to one band
  • CWIFI-5814: fixed ethernet instabilities with long cables and/or 10/100 MBit connections
  • CWIFI-5869: fixed issue with spurious short disconnects
  • CWIFI-5890: improved automatic channel selection for AP15C models
  • CWIFI-5914: fixed issue with IPv6 in dynamic VLAN
  • various debug improvements

The new firmware will be installed according to the update schedule you have defined.