Intel X710 10GbE SFP+ (passthrough) not detected


I have a Minisforum MS-01 which have two Intel 2.5GbE and two Intel x710 SFP+.

I'm using Proxmox and I did a PCIe passthrough of one x710 interface (tick/untick pass all feature doesn't matter) to Sophos XG v20 Virtual Machine. By doing an lspci, the PCI device is detected as 8086:1572 but Sophos is not loading the i40e kernel driver:

The i40e driver seems to be the right by looking at it with strings command:

There is a way to force the load of this kernel module? (insmod command is not there)

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  • Thank you Vivek, I have a compatible transceiver but here the problem is the NIC driver not being loaded/detected at all ("ip a sh" doesn't show it) by Sophos XG.

    I suspect I need to downgrade (as per Intel Doc) the NIC Firmware to version 7.20 (currently there is 9.20) since the Intel driver for kernel 4.19 included in Sophos XG seems to be old (, I hope the downgrade will not brick the NIC.

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