Is there a way to synchronise the web filtering set on the firewall to the rules set on endpoint ?

Hi all,

So we have Sophos XG Firewall as well as the Sophos endpoint client for A/V, web filter etc etc...

The issue I am having is that we have more detailed filtering at the firewall level so no issues when users are connected to the work network. The issue is that when a user goes to work from home then the active filtering is based on the Endpoint client settings which are not as detailed as the ones on the firewall.

Therefore, is there a way one can synchronise the settings so that the firewall rules are sort of implemented on the end client thus enabling us to also maintain just one location and ensure that irrelevant of location where the user is connected the proper filtering will apply.

P.S I know one can user VPN however I still have not managed to find a way to have an always on vpn connection. When i was using Kerio Control they have an always on VPN which would automatically connect on pc boot-up and also reconnect if there is a wifi disconnection etc...


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