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XG 125w rev.3 Home License Registation Problem

I am wondering if anyone can assist me with the registration of my device XG125W. When I try to register/claim the firewall using the serial number of the device, I receive one of two error's.

Error 1, Licensing,Ficewall licenses, Claim firewall, Enter Serial number and click on validate, Claim firewall Just claim the firewall with base license click on claim firewall. Error Failed to claim firewall please try again later.

Or Error 2, Devices Firewall, Add Firewall, enter device Serial number, Claim Firewall and continue. 400: A Bad request was made.

I have changed the hard drive as suggested on here and reflashed the device using HW-v19.5.3 MR3 firmware, I have tried to put the home license product key in with no success using any of the methods.

E.g CLI, Sophos Central or Web UI, during the inital setup, I either get an error after a few seconds, when using the Web UI saying I have no internet connection which then turns green again. As soon as I try it again I get the same issue. When using the CLI, I can see the WAN & LAN has activity but as soon as I use AA command and use the home key, it drops all connections. When trying to use the Sophos Central I get the error as described above.

If anyone could help me with this issue it would be very much appreciated.

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