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Odd issue with internet access


I did several research and looked everywhere in the firewall, but I was not able to find an answer to my problem. Basically:

- I have an XGS126w with the latest OS

- The setup is fairly simple: 1 LAN on a private /24 subnet --> The Firewall --> Internet connection via the internet provider's gateway

- I set up a MASQ rule and ACL rule for the /24 subnet to access the internet, and but I still have no internet access

- However, as soon as I ping an internet target (like from the firewall (Diagnostics -> Ping -> Ping from my LAN interface), then the internet access starts working from my LAN.

- A few hours later, the LAN->internet access stops working again, and I have to ping an internet target from the firewall diagnostics tools again...

Did anyone see this issue before? I assume something happens when I ping 8.8.8 from the firewall, and I need to configure that thing in the firewall, but I can't figure out why... I'm happy to provide screenshots of my configuration if needed.

Many thanks for your help.


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  • Create new test firewall rule from lan to wan keep on top of all firewall rules along with above suggested NAT rule for tshoot

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