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XGS 4300 not responding ( High CPU/Memory )

Hello guys,

We've recently transitioned to  XGS4300 after employing XG430  for some time. A few weeks back, I migrated to the new XGS4300 and uploaded the configuration exported from the XG430, making only minor changes, mostly related to port number allocation.

All was running smoothly until Monday when the firewall inexplicably stopped functioning. Although I'm certain there's a reason behind it, I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause, and even the support team couldn't provide a clear explanation. They're sending a replacement appliance, but I need to understand why this occurred in the first place.

Here are the symptoms: Initially, the APXs stopped working, triggering email notifications, followed by a complete loss of internet connectivity. The firewall became unresponsive — HTTPS, SSH, and even the console. I resorted to a physical reboot by holding the rear button, which took an extensive amount of time to bring the firewall back online, yet it remained unresponsive. With no other option, I performed a reset using the front button, allowing me to connect via the console and assess the situation. The firewall reverted to factory settings. I re-uploaded the latest configuration (from the weekly backup) and updated it to the newest firmware version. After the reboot, the device appeared to be operating smoothly once again. However, the issue recurred  2 days later. I quickly loged into the firewall via ssh and run top command : 

I managed to extract all ogs despite the sluggishness and forwarded them to the support team. But as i said unfortunately, they didn't take the time to investigate the logs...

I went back to the xg430 ( production ), it's working perfectly fine 

Thank you in advance

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