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Sophos XG IPV6 Support timeline

Is there a timeline or any plans to add support for IPV6 PPPoE and Prefix Delegation on the Sophos XG?

Dual Stack is becoming more and more ubiquitous quite simply Sophos XG cannot handle it, even having some other router in front of it doesn't really help much since while it allows the SXG to get an IPV6 without prefix delegation it's not really useful.

I'm in the situation where I have to change firewall now, but if the feature is planned/coming anytime soon, maybe with 20.0, I'd be willing to wait and stick with Sophos for now, so I came asking hoping for good news.

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  • Will IPv6 BGP routing be available in v20?

    I just bought two XGS2300 to upgrade my aging SG230 cluster for my BGP edge router and firewall. I didn't realize the firewall platform was behind the UTM platform on IPv6 support. That's a big bummer considering we are being forced out of our SG appliances now.