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Migrate XG210 to XGS2100


I have our new XGS2100 to replace our XG210.

Do they both need to be on exactly the same firmware version before I take an export and carry out a restore?

XG210  SFOS 19.0.1 MR-1-Build365

XGS2100 SFOS 19.0.2 MR-2-Build472

After the import, will the new device need any config changes or should it work as the XG210 does now?


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  • You need the same or newer Firmware to restore a Backup.

    There is the possibility to adjust the interfaces, as interface numbering could be different. 


  • Since the hardware has differnet port/interface layout, you need to map/rename these:

    On XG210

    And on XG2100:

    You could go and configure the interfaces on the new device, then export/ import only the rest of the config, if needed.

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  • Hi, 

    thank you for all that information.

    We only use Port1 Lan and Port 2 Wan on our XG210 and these are the same on the XGS.

    I did export a full config and then import it into the XGS. This didnt change any of the Rules or setup at all. It did change the name of the XGS to the same name of my XG210. I am not sure why nothing else changed?

    I then backed up the XG210 and restored it to the XGS.  This changed all the settings.  I could then access the XGS through the Lan Port using the new IP. (MGMT Port was unassigned on restore)  I changed the static IP on the XGS and then I could not access it at all.  

    I have carried out a Factory reset.

    Should I just backup and restore or Export and Import.

    It is on a seperate test domain with its own internet connection. Not on our main network.


  • Thank you for the quick reply. I update firmware so they are both now on SFOS 19.0.2 MR-2-Build472.

    If I backup from the XG210 and restore to the XGS2100 is that all I need to do?  

    We only use Port1 Lan and Port 2 Wan which are the same on the XGS ?