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ACL Violation when attempting WAN to LAN NAT v19.5.0


I have searched and can see others have this issue, however none of the solutions have worked for me so far.

I have followed the steps at to create the following policies, with the intention of allowing WAN -> LAN traffic the specified ports:

NAT Rule:

Sophos Public Address is an IP

Valheim Server is an IP

Firewall Rule:

The service 'Valheim' is defined as:

The packet captures I have been getting are as follows:

(apologies for drop-packet as an image and not plain text)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • Hi - thanks for your response!

    I have made the following adjustments:
    Service is now TCP&UDP 1:65500 / 2456:2458

    I'm not sure I understood your directions on the firewall rule correctly, but I have done the following:
    Destination Zone is now WAN, and Destination Network is Sophos Public Address.

    I have run some further packet captures and am still seeing the Violation / Local_ACL result.