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Very Strange issue has anyone seen anything like this? - XGS RED 60

I can't make sense of this issue,  any help / ideas would be much appreciated because i feel like I'm taking crazy pills <insert Mugatu>

I have the following setup:

XGS 2100  Site 1  (Latest Firmware)

SG 115  Site 2

The sites are connected via IPSEC and I have servers at both sites and I can transfer files and ping with no issues.

A RED 60 at the users home is connected to the XGS.  It can ping and browse / transfer files at site 1 and 2.   

If the user Pings anything at site 2 the RED drops and loses connection completely, I can see this in the VPN logs as RED disconnecting and reconnecting. 

TLDR:   Ping / ICMP Traffic to remote subnet causes RED to reboot but browse and file transfer works fine?!

Only thing I can think of is that the ISP has provided a /31 address.

Does anyone have an XGS with a /31 connection and is also using REDs?

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  • Hi Bharat,

    i have seen a similar with RDP over UDP.

    RDP from SC-RED20 Network to Server behind a IPSec connection results in RED-Blocking (in one direction only ... we can hear the telephone-RTP-Stream at one location) ... when RDP try to switch to UDP.

    Configuring Firewall-rule to disable 3398UDP solved the problem within this environment.

    I am willing to work with a L2/L3 engineer or a developer onto this problem ... but opening a support call .. Really??


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