Very Strange issue has anyone seen anything like this? - XGS RED 60

I can't make sense of this issue,  any help / ideas would be much appreciated because i feel like I'm taking crazy pills <insert Mugatu>

I have the following setup:

XGS 2100  Site 1  (Latest Firmware)

SG 115  Site 2

The sites are connected via IPSEC and I have servers at both sites and I can transfer files and ping with no issues.

A RED 60 at the users home is connected to the XGS.  It can ping and browse / transfer files at site 1 and 2.   

If the user Pings anything at site 2 the RED drops and loses connection completely, I can see this in the VPN logs as RED disconnecting and reconnecting. 

TLDR:   Ping / ICMP Traffic to remote subnet causes RED to reboot but browse and file transfer works fine?!

Only thing I can think of is that the ISP has provided a /31 address.

Does anyone have an XGS with a /31 connection and is also using REDs?

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  • Since how long has the RED 60 tunnel been working?

    To find the root causing the issue troubleshoot is required by debugging logs with Sophos Support Team.

    red.log syslog.log networkd.log 

    Might RED require RMA as per the logs observed?

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