Sophos XG 125 Huge memory Usage

Hello, I have a sophos XG 125 with last release 18.5.1 configured in HA (active-standby). The memory consumption is always between 85%-92% even after a restart without traffic and load. Yesterday it rebooted after reached 100% of swap usage. I started to encounter this issue of memory usage after the migration from release 17 to 18 few months ago. With release 17 memory has never gone more than 85%.

Below, some images with my situation. Snort is consuming the RAM.

Can someone help me to troubleshoot the issue?

Thank you,


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  • Hello Alessandro,

    Adding to what has been told in this thread, can you share your Case ID to see what has been done. 

    I would also recommend you to run the following command form the advanced shell and provide the output to Support 

    # atop -M 3600 -w /var/atop_output.raw

    You will need to reboot the device, then run the command and wait for the Memory utilization to fill out again, then restart and provide the file to Support.

    Additionally, you can run the following command that will tell you what service is occupying the SWAP memory

    # for file in /proc/*/status ; do awk '/VmSwap|Name/{printf $2 " " $3}END{ print ""}' $file; done| sort -k 2 -n -r | head -20

    # free

    # ls -lh /var/cores

    And more importantly how many devices are behind the Firewall and what services are you using?


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