• Running in HA, upgraded and both nodes got up OK with new version, now I get "Only administrator can access the auxiliary device" when logging into the "primary" node.... Internet works, so not critical, can try to reboot or swap the nodes, but any suggestions before that?

  • Good points.
    A very quick upgrade, one of fastest I can remember.

    fix to the reporting date issue.

    lots of new toys for the business users.

    sad points

    no extra features in IPv6 sections.

    ddos still appears to have a bug which appeared in v18.0.4

    some experimenting to do to see what else has been changed/fixed that is not readily obvious.


    Xeon 1225v5 6gb ram, SSID, 4 NICs 20w - v19 EAP

    XG115W - v18.5.2

  • Seems like the HA is not up2date right now and take some time. The Webadmin will take some more time to get up. 


  • No I actually found the cause!

    Creating a in-cognito browser session, allows me to login, so a cokkie session of some sort?! :-)

    Using the "old" browser windows still gives the above warning, closing and reopening browser solves it.

  • PS: Try the new DPI Engine Performance. 


  • PS2: Keep an eye for Facebook / sites + Firefox with DPI: https://support.sophos.com/support/s/article/KB-000042276?language=en_US


  • So the AP-models was ceased to exist after 18.5:

    Legacy AP Series support on upcoming SFOS versions and future hardware platforms (sophos.com)

    But as I see in 18.5 MR-1 there are still support and firmware for the old models, have you changed plans?

  • Which platform are you currently talking about? XG Hardware should still support legacy AP. XGS Hardware will not support Legacy AP. 

    SFOS running on XGS Series hardware does not support the following accessories and components:

    • APX 320X is currently not supported in SFOS on any platform. It is supported only in Sophos Central.
    • Legacy access points: AP 15, AP 15C, AP 55, AP 55C, AP 100, AP 100C, AP 5, AP 10, AP 30, AP 50
    • Flexi Port modules for XG Series hardware models.
    • Desktop 3G/4G and Wi-Fi modules for XG Series hardware.


  • "In SFOS version 18.5 and higher running on XG Series appliances, support will no longer be included for the AP Series access points which reached their end-of-life date in 2018. "

    So XG without the (S), cannot read about the XGS thing from the KB :-)

  • Seems like the KBA is outdated. I forwarded this request to update the KB.