Hi Community,

The latest maintenance release (MR15) for SFOS v17.5 is now available through the MySophos licensing portal.

Maintenance Release

  • Several security and hardening enhancements
  • SSMK (Secure Storage Master Key) for the encryption of sensitive data
  • Secure encryption for storing admin password hash
    • Admin (default administrator account) will be asked to change their password
    • Optional but highly recommended
  • Password complexity have been enabled for all the passwords

Important Issues Resolved

  • NC-61620 [Authentication] Not Able To Restore Backup From CR50iNG To XG135
  • NC-62695 [Authentication] SATC: Users Are Not Coming In Live
  • NC-58344 [Clientless Access] [SMB Bookmark] Delete file/folder with specific special characters in name, Deletes all contents of shared from smb server
  • NC-62210 [Firewall] CSC Unresponsive After Back-Up Is Uploaded From An HA Pair
  • NC-65158 [Hotspot] Voucher Export Shows Encrypted PSKs With SSMK
  • NC-62807 [IPsec] Responder Not Accepting SPI Values After Its ISP Disconnects
  • NC-63825 [PPPoE] For 17.5- PPPoE Link Does Not Reconnect After Disconnecting
  • NC-62024 [RED] XG86 /tmp Partition Fills Up
  • NC-62072 [RED] RED Log Folders Are 1 Month Behind
  • NC-63803 [RED] FailSafe Mode After Backup Restore - Reason Unable To Start RED Service
  • NC-63904 [RED] Network Tab Slow Loading Issue
  • NC-60457 [SSLVPN] Incorrect Count of Remote User's
  • NC-60863 [UI Framework] Improper Color Status In Control Center Widget
  • NC-61206 [Up2Date Client] XG Fails To Fetch hotfixes/patterns : File /conf/certificate/u2dclient.pem Missing
  • NC-63058 [VirtualAppliance] Incorrect Virtual XG Firewall Model Name Showing in GUI and CLI


To install, you can download the firmware from the Licensing Portal. Please refer to Sophos XG Firewall: How to move to a different firmware version.