We have added many additional security features to Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) over the past few releases to ensure that your customers’ networks have optimal protection from the latest threats. This essential protection can only be maintained with regular updates to the latest software versions.

Based upon this, we have made some changes to our lifecycle policy for Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS) and are now announcing the End-of-Life date for some software versions:

With this change, we are announcing an end-of-life date of July 31, 2021, for:

  • v17.5 MR13 and older
  • v18.0 MR3 and older

For information on supported software versions kindly refer to the published retirement calendar under:

The lifecycle policy can be found under:

Should you have any questions or need further help, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local Sophos team.

  • Hi Samuel,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    • SFOS v18.5 will be supported for use with XG appliances, starting with v18.5 MR1 expected later this year.
    • Feature releases, both major and minor (v18, v17.5) will be supported and maintained for quite a while. The revised life cycle policy indicates the support for the maintenance releases. This change was made to ensure our customers and partners are protected from the latest threats and vulnerabilities.
    • We release a new MR every 3-4 months, which means that devices will need to be upgraded every 6-7 months to remain on the supported maintenance version. As a security product, this release cadence is on-par with the rest of the industry.

     We value your feedback and wanted to get your opinion on how frequently you think your customers should upgrade their firmware?

  • when looking at the supported hardware list, i can see that "XG" Appliances are marked with "Last Supported SF-OS SW Release = Latest V18" does this mean 18.5 will not be available for "XG" Appliances and is only reserved for "XGS".?

    Or in other words, there will be 3 software trains in the future?

    17.5 XG

    18.0 XG

    18.5+ XGS 

    further mode i'm quite concerned about the new lifecycle strategy: 

    "We are making some changes to the lifecycle policy for Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS). For any maintained SFOS version, Sophos aims to support only the last two maintenance releases. "

    Does this mean, if 18.0.6 comes out, 18.0.4 will be EoL ?

    Imo. That is just ridiculous, absolutely no enterprise customer will deploy a product were software support is only guaranteed  for a short term and frequent update is required to stay supported.

  • Likely it was APX320X, as this is more common question and the answer is no. 

  • I could be mistaken though.


  • Very simple there is a  post asking about the APX320 not the APX320x and the answer was no, but I can't find the thread.