Hi XG Community!

We've released Sophos Firewall Manager SFM 17.1 MR4. Initially, the firmware will be available by manual download from the Licensing Portal. We will gradually release the firmware via auto-update to customers.

Issues Resolved

  • NCCC-6178 [SFM] Export>Device List is generating empty file in SFM 17.0
  • NCCC-7654 [SFM] Web Filter logs port detail mismatch in XG Firewall and SFM Events Viewer> device logs
  • NCCC-8698 [SFM] SFM not respecting time zone when scheduling firmware update
  • NCCC-9493 [SFM] XXE + SSRF via CSRF bypass in SFM
  • NCCC-9997 [SFM] SFM pre-auth XXE vulnerability
  • NCCC-9913 [SFM-SCFM] Template forward compatibility status is 'Not applicable' for older version of SF 17.5 after releasing SF 17.5 MR10