Hi XG Community!

We've updated XG Firewall with v16.05, which is a new small feature release. This release is available to all v16 and v15 users via our update servers in a staged approach

For detailed list of features and changes , Please refer the attached Release Note : Sophos XG Firewall v16_05 RN_v3.3.pdf

Please refer the attach guide to assist users migrating from Cyberoam to XG : Cyberoam to Sophos Firewall Migration Guide.pdf

New Features

  • Sandstorm for Mail
  • Sandstorm for Web

Issues Resolved

  • NC-12759 [Authentication] Segmentation Fault of access server
  • NC-13930 [Authentication] Access_server segmentation fault
  • NC-14100 [Authentication] Appliance IP doesn't appear on general tab of STAS suite
  • NC-14160 [Authentication] Netbios packages sent out via WAN port
  • NC-13972 [Base System] Webadmin certificate is not updated when changing common name in ca certificate
  • NC-14123 [Base System] No reconnect of ipsec tunnel when using IPv6
  • NC-14140 [Base System] If VPN profile name is matching an existing log file then the profile will log to this log file
  • NC-15736 [Base System] Fix sending telemetry data
  • NC-14227 [Certificates] Improve error message for Certificate Revocation List
  • NC-3820 [Certificates] The validation period To/From is not taken into account for CRL uploads
  • NC-13394 [Clientless Access(HTTP/HTTPS)] Japanese character issue in HTTP bookmark of clientless access
  • NC-13014 [FirewallDatapath] Not able to ping local machine located in DMZ zone from LAN zone with IPsec S2S tunnel setup
  • NC-13665 [Firewall] Skipping load balancing for missing heartbeat drop traffic
  • NC-13702 [Firewall] Block Page with captive portal link shown for users when webfilter + user based rules are used
  • NC-13987 [Firewall] Wizard failed after configure DOS rule using src-zone
  • NC-14137 [Firewall] 'Internet Scheme' page loading failed
  • NC-11810 [Framework(UI)] Application List headings are removed after applying filter
  • NC-13043 [Framework(UI)] Control Center - system graph initially renders without title
  • NC-13858 [Framework(UI)] Improve XG Firewall dashboard diagrams
  • NC-14649 [Framework(UI)] Possible SQL injection in EventViewerHelper
  • NC-14671 [Framework(UI)] XSS in LiveConnectionDetail.jsp in SFOS
  • NC-15101 [Framework(UI)] Apache service stop in case of certificate names contain space characters
  • NC-8116 [Framework(UI)] Disable TLS1.0 and TLS1.1 support for Webadmin and Userportal
  • NC-14995 [Galileo Heartbeat] Heartbeat - Service restarting automatically
  • NC-14244 [Hotspot] Hotspot type POTD send extra mail while updating password creation time
  • NC-13610 [IDS + AppControl] Psiphon Proxy application is not blocked
  • NC-13496 [IPS] Wrong ip address shown in web filter logviewer when device configured in TAP-Mode
  • NC-14231 [IPS] Internet traffic dropped by IPS if network subscription is missing
  • NC-12228 [Mail Proxy] MIME whitelist box is not large enough to display the entire text
  • NC-14093 [Mail Proxy] Proxy stops processing mails if IP reputation is enabled with action "Reject"
  • NC-14098 [Mail Proxy] Delivery failure notification not sent if sender or recipient email address contains space character
  • NC-14178 [Mail Proxy] SMTP proxy dies to due to specific characters in return path of delivery failure notification
  • NC-14213 [Mail Proxy] Read only profile should be set in Email protection in HA mode
  • NC-15657 [Mail Proxy] Sandstorm malicious mails should not be releasable from Spam Digest Email
  • NC-13448 [Network Services] DHCP service dies while binding custom option to DHCP Server
  • NC-12214 [Networking] New warning message for unbinding interfaces trivialize effects
  • NC-12966 [Networking] WWAN connectivity issue with Huawei E3372
  • NC-13449 [Networking] DHCP Option is deleted without removing it's binding.
  • NC-13599 [RED] Transparent Split and 3G Failover should not be possible to configure
  • NC-14164 [RED] [RED] implement "TLS 1.2 only" mode
  • NC-11769 [Reporting] Event Type 'Not Available' seen in Reports of Admin Events
  • NC-12472 [Reporting] PDF Report Export/On Demand: When records continue on 2nd page server time change
  • NC-13257 [Reporting] Pagination is not working for "Interface" widget in executive report.
  • NC-14337 [Reporting] Reports is not loading when language is spanish
  • NC-6345 [Reporting] Custom Reports: Sometimes application/protocoll filter is not working properly
  • NC-12969 [SSLVPN] SSLVPN Remote-Access to Apple iPhone: traffic cannot pass through tunnel
  • NC-15615 [Sandstorm] sandboxd and sandbox_reportd do not start on new install without reboot
  • NC-15644 [Sandstorm] Trial evaluation link sends incorrectly encoded activation link
  • NC-13945 [UI] Log Viewer link from widget window is not working
  • NC-13995 [VPN] VPN failover group stops retrying after couple of minutes
  • NC-6589 [VPN] DHCP_V6A_IPSec connection not re-connected when changing IPv4 address of the same WAN interface
  • NC-14118 [WAF] SFM MR-2 can not push web server configuration to SFv16 device
  • NC-11111 [Web] Captive Portal settings: unauthenticated users redirection does not work
  • NC-10629 [Wireless] Wifiauth service dies
  • NC-13207 [Wireless] hostapd dies state after updating radius server in wireless global settings
  • NC-13340 [Wireless] Update organizationally unique identifier (OUI) library
  • NC-13940 [Wireless] Red15w wireless is not detected
  • NC-14000 [Wireless] DHCP option 234 code missing in "editreddevice" opcode
  • NC-9469 [Wireless] WLAN interfaces are not shown in network configuration wizard if wireless network name contains 'WLAN'

Known Issues

  • n/a


You can find the firmware for your appliance from in MySophos portal.