Hi XG Community!

We've updated XG v16, with a small maintenance release. This update was released yesterday, (Oct 10) and the previous blog post was updated, so if you downloaded in the last 24 hours, you will have received this latest build (v16.01.1). This post was delayed, waiting for the completion of the full release notes. The attached release notes, will cover all issues resloved between v15 MR3, and this release. Also included, are two guides to assist users migrating from Cyberoam to XG. 

Issues Resolved

NC-13707 [Base System] Do not regenerate certificates when migration from SFOS v15
NC-13543 [Firewall] DNAT rule using Email Servers Template is not working
NC-13356 [Reporting] Bing,Rediff and eBay Search engine logs are not displaying

Known Issues

NC-6315   [Clientless Access(HTTP/HTTPS)] Script based web forms of Web Server is not accessible with Clientless VPN

NC-12079  [Galileo Heartbeat] No heartbeat status displayed on control center with MAC End point

NC-13480  [Galileo Heartbeat] Heartbeat service taking High CPU due to same multiple UUID of End Point

NC-8238   [IPS]              IPS Service drops legitimate traffic in very high load average conditions

NC-13538  [UI]               Control center page is not properly displayed with IE 11

NC-13282  [Wireless]         AP Deployment over IPsec VPN is not working

Behavior Changes

This release supports up to 128 rules in a single web policy. If you are migrating policies from a previous release that contain more than 128 rules, only the first 128 rules will be used. Web policy rules now support combined activities. These include user activities, categories, URL groups, file types, and dynamic categories. To maintain the overall functionality of the policy, replace blocks of adjacent rules for different activities with a single rule that contains a group of activities. Please delete or consolidate rules as required

As of today, you can download and install firmware manually, and over the coming weeks, we will begin automatically distributing the option to install this update to your XGv15 firewalls, allowing you to download and install the firmware from within the updates section of your firewall UI. 

For a full list of changes, please see the attached release notes, below. 


You can find the firmware for your appliance from in MySophos portal.

XG Release 16.01.1.zip