Hi XG Community!

We've completed SD-RED Firmware 3.0.002. This firmware is available via pattern update for SFOS 17.5 MR11 and later, and SFOS 18.0 MR1

Issues Resolved

  • NRF-353 [Firmware] RED20 is not forwarding tagged traffic
  • Hi, we have 20 sites using RED10(some are old like Ver2 and asataro brand), RED15, RED50, we are suing XG 210 

    SFOS 17.5.14 MR-14-1, it is safe to upgrade to this version even we have mix model of RED, also it is safe to upgrade directly to this release not incremental as our XG is only showing the 3.0.002 pattern update?
  • Can you advise how to check the firmware version.  Our RED20 has been really unreliable and I am keen to see if the firmware is the issue.  Our RED15s are all working fine.

  • Does this also resolves issues for RED50 VLAN tagged Appliances? Case 9894974