Hi XG Community!

We've finished RED Firmware 2.0.017. This firmware is available via pattern update.

Issues Resolved


  • NC-33803 [RED_Firmware] Support for CDC and RNDIS ethernet over USB
  • NC-38523 [RED_Firmware] No WAN connection found when having multiple WAN links
  • NC-39321 [RED_Firmware] REDs are displayed as "offline" even though the tunnel is working
  • NC-39822 [RED_Firmware] Racecondition between connection finder and state machine
  • NC-40444 [RED_Firmware] Tunnel compression does not work
  • NC-43662 [RED_Firmware] Unable to decrypt packages during key exchange
  • NC-43778 [RED_Firmware] NullPointer in REDd when printing error
  • NC-43779 [RED_Firmware] Do not send invalid LAN port state to RED server
  • NC-43782 [RED_Firmware] All WiFi traffic on internal RED15w always routed through RED tunnel