Last year, we launched the new and greatly improved Sophos Connect v2 VPN client, therefore we are now announcing the End-of-Life of the old Sophos SSL VPN client for Windows effective January 31, 2022. Sophos SSL VPN clients will continue to function, but no new downloads will be available after January 31, 2022. We encourage new clients to use Sophos Connect and existing clients to migrate as soon as possible. 

The currently supported software versions are published in our retirement calendar under:

The lifecycle policy can be found under:

Should you have any questions or need further help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Sophos team.

  • I'll never sell any appliances under 1xx. My experience: the 8x devices have 0 performance.

    For my home hardware i'm using XGS 126 which have good performance.

  • Firewall you buy, but it's not yours!!

    Sophos is one of the few companies that makes such decisions in a hurry, I have thousands of users using the client, the client is always thought of later.

    Let's go to the examples:
    They released the XG85, which was very weak on the CPU and had to be replaced in a hurry.

    XG86 Released to cover the errors in the design of the XG85, performance is even good in version 17.x, so the Software development team released V18.x which already slowed down the equipment, when they released the SSL/TLS analysis as teams launched without testing the product well and without talking to the hardware people, what do we have?

    XGS 87 - Released to cover the design errors of version 18.x with XG86 hardware, until then a slightly better product than the XG86, but the backup of the XG87 cannot be restored on an XG86, that is, we must put the investment we made in the XG86

  • what's the meaning of  "no new downloads will be available after January 31, 2022".?

    I guess from a UTM User portal it will be still possible to download the client


  • Anyone else having issues with Sophos Connect on Mac not accepting any of the configs?

  • Is SC 2.2 coming out before this goes EOL? Right now there's a bug on SC 2.1 that is preventing us from using SSL-VPN profiles correctly - and there is a bug where some characters (space) does not work with an SSL-VPN profile via SC 2.1.  This seems like a rushed EOL decision.