Hey everyone,

We're getting ready to launch AutoScaling support for Sophos Firewall on AWS in early access, and I wanted to invite our community here to get first chance to test it out!

What does it do?

This will allow you to launch a cluster of firewalls that will scale up or down based on traffic demand. Firewalls will be automatically registered to Sophos Central, and put into a special management group. AutoScaling will either create a new Central group, or add firewalls to an existing AutoScaling group if you prefer, allowing you to effectively manage a single cross-region auto-scaling group. 

It's focused initially on inbound protection with firewall, NAT, WAF, and IPS, using NLB to distribute inbound traffic across the autoscaling instances, and we'll follow that up a little later with GWLB support for outbound filtering. We'll post again with more complete details once EAP starts, but be sure to sign up now, so you don't miss out when we get going.

How to participate:

Go to this URL, fill out the short form, and we'll contact you as soon as we're ready to start.