Sophos Switch Documentation Manuals

This is the official resource that can be found from Sophos Central.

If there is another / better link with PDF manuals, detailed information can someone please post.  There may have been a post in the past but I cannot find it.

Sadly Sophos has not integrated Switch into the main support portal.

As a customer, I wonder why?  Is Sophos going to continue firmware enhancements for this product?  What about a QUE in phone support w techs that are specially trained on switch?  How about more thorough documentation, videos, examples, and training that is technical in nature?

As I've said before from an access standpoint the hardware seems SOLID.  I think Sophos needs to back this up with what I have said above.  Let partners and customers do the talking about its features, value, central management, etc.

Notice the word SWITCH is not listed under Product ?  

As a customer I wonder why Sophos hasn't' listed this product?  Will it be orphaned? 

I wonder whether I can have confidence purchasing more or whether I should consider another vendor?

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  • Sounds like a good place to start.

    There are a lot of "Buttons" / features on the switch that are NOT mentioned or barely mentioned in the current manual.  IE: a few words are there but there isn't a cohesive blueprint on how to get them working in the best way.  I'm specifically referring to QOS which is necessary and a huge reason for purchasing a managed switch in the first place.

    I feel as though customers are expected to apply what works on a Crisco and hope that it works on Sophos > EX: Configure > QOS > Advanced Mode > Class > Policy Mapping.  -- Nothing at all.  How does a customer know whether they need a policy mapping in order for a class mapping to be functional.  -- Necessary operational aspects of this product should be completely explained.  Step by step via the GUI and CLI.

    IMHO, Sophos would do well to have an employee or partner produce weekly YouTube videos about technical aspects of each product, fine tuning, etc.  There is a world of info about how to Tweak a Crisco, but nothing but unboxings / low tech info on Sophos switch.