Disappointing Test of CS110-24FP

At the moment we are testing a new CS110-24FP Switch and i am a bit frustrated and very disappointed. 
We experienced some bugs and issues and we never had so many problems setting up a switch in the past.

- when changing the vlan on management interface the switch is not accessible anymore
(created vlan 12, setup 2 untagged vlan ports, changed mgmt-vlan to 12, no access, no ping to the switch possible anymore)
- changing the password only works if the first characer is a symbol. you cannot use an ! in the password, even if its shown in the quicktip
- enabling summer/winter time and choosing the days, month etc. the values from the drop down menue are not updated. you have to hit save, and reload, then its correct
- when adding a vlan to a port, you have to save 3 times till its finally active. when leaving the box without hitting the pencil first, the entries are lost
- it also seems there is no vlan validation, when setting vlans to ports
- its nice to colorize vlans in sophos central, but where is the feature in web gui?
- you can set names/description in sophos central, where web gui shows an error invalid character

and then the CLI, thats a real horror:

every other vendor i know, you can use show run to get the current config. here you have to use show current running-config and you need to scroll through a book. its never ending, and there is so much space waste and so many empty lines, it takes forever to get to the end. why so complicated? why are the settings not combined, why every port with different setting comes again and again?

We thought we could ease up our infrastructure management by having firewalls and switches combined in sophos central. But to be honest, this product is beta, which makes more trouble and headaches, with an unknown roadmap, no stacking feature etc. etc. 

I am sorry to say but its not the right product for us, not ready to use, and we really dont need much. We already hat a lod of troubles in the past with Sophos RED Devices, and i dont want to make the same mistake again. For this prize, and of course you need an active subscription to get future firmware updates, i truely can buy a switch from a compepitor, where firmware updates a free, and the main features less buggy.



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