Multicast traffic and Admin manual

Hello Community,

we have the problem that the switches somehow interfere with the mulitcast traffic. In this case, the connection via Apple Air-Print does not work.

I also have a question: where can I find the official administrator's manual for the switches?

Thanks for your help.



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  • Thanks for the link.

    I have now enabled and configured IGMP snooping, unfortunately without success.

    The printer is connected via LAN and the end devices via WLAN (Bridge-to-LAN) with a Sophos XGS. Actually, the firewall should not filter out or prevent traffic, right?

    I'll put a SOHO switch in between to test it and make sure it's not the Sophos switch.

    I also had a similar behavior with a KNX control (home control), there the end devices were also not found, which should be found according to the manufacturer via broadcast. With a dedicated switch and an extra port/network on the firewall it worked. Therefore, the assumption is obvious that it must be the Sophos switch.

  • Hello again,

    I have now connected the access points and the printers to a separate switch with an uplink to the Sophos switch. The end devices are found immediately and printing is possible.

    So it must definitely be the settings of the Sophos switch.

    Does anyone have any other ideas or similar phenomena?