Multicast traffic and Admin manual

Hello Community,

we have the problem that the switches somehow interfere with the mulitcast traffic. In this case, the connection via Apple Air-Print does not work.

I also have a question: where can I find the official administrator's manual for the switches?

Thanks for your help.



  • You find the manual here:

    But airprint should not be affected. But there is no Airprint / multicast routing option. So in the same broadcast domain, it should work, not jumping between networks. 


  • Thanks for the link.

    I have now enabled and configured IGMP snooping, unfortunately without success.

    The printer is connected via LAN and the end devices via WLAN (Bridge-to-LAN) with a Sophos XGS. Actually, the firewall should not filter out or prevent traffic, right?

    I'll put a SOHO switch in between to test it and make sure it's not the Sophos switch.

    I also had a similar behavior with a KNX control (home control), there the end devices were also not found, which should be found according to the manufacturer via broadcast. With a dedicated switch and an extra port/network on the firewall it worked. Therefore, the assumption is obvious that it must be the Sophos switch.