In this release, we’re enhancing the features in Sophos Central and deploying some bug fixes. 

An increasing number of customers are requesting remote switch command-line execution and management for cloud-managed network devices. This feature will enable customers to run switch-related CLI commands without any direct physical connectivity. 


Command-Line Interface (CLI) from Sophos Central  

This feature allows you to securely execute a set of CLI commands on a remote switch that is registered in Sophos Central, and to configure the switch in the same way as from the local command-line interface. You have the option to select a single switch, or multiple switches, to run a set of CLI commands on each switch, and get the output in Sophos Central, all without being directly connected to the switch console port. 

Simply select the switch and click the ‘Run Command’ button from the dashboard in Sophos Central. This will open a shell window to run regular switch commands from Sophos Central and get the output as shown in the image below. 

The output of previously executed commands is shown in the task queue for future reference, allowing you to directly launch the CLI from Sophos Central from the task queue page by clicking a previously executed command task. 

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Please find a description of the supported CLI command here

For full details of all available features, please see sophos.com/switch. 

Known Issues 


Issue Key 



CENTRAL UI: Some copper port speed configurations do not match local UI for CS210-24FP/48FP models 


CENTRAL UI: Switch alerts count in summary page is limited to max. 100, even when actual alert count is more. 


CENTRAL UI: Diagnostics: Switch Web UI redirect links are not navigating to specific Local web UI page 


CENTRAL UI: Locally configured VLANs will not be synced to Sophos Central 


LOCAL UI: Not allowed to add Dashes/Underscores in VLAN name 


LOCAL UI: The device UI only shows the uplink indicator for standalone ports, it doesn't show it if the port is part of a LAG 


LOCAL UI: Uplink tick is not displayed when the gateway’s MAC address expires from the ARP cache 


LOCAL UI: Sometimes SFP port link status is not updated for CS210-24FP 


POE: Port MGMT: CLOUD UI uplink port identification is not updated in some cases 


CLI: Password rules not documented/explained to user 


CLI: Invalid special characters are allowed to configure through CLI 


CENTRAL UI: No error/failure is marked for some invalid command executions using CLI from Sophos Central or vice versa