We are pleased to announce a new update to Sophos Switch management in Sophos Central. This is primarily a feature update that brings a number of layer 3 management features from the Sophos switch local management UI into Sophos Central.

New Features:

  • IP Networks (Released in 2022.39)
    • With IP networks you can assign IP addresses to up to 3 VLANs, plus configure the management VLAN IP address from Sophos Central, and use the switch as a gateway for selected VLANs. 
  • DHCP Relay (Released in 2022.39)
    • If you're using your Sophos Switch as a gateway for any VLANs that don't have a DHCP server present, the switch can act as a DHCP relay, sending requests to the DHCP server of your choice.
  • Static Routes
    • If you're using your switch as a gateway device, you may prefer to route some traffic to gateways other than the default gateway. Static routes allow you to create more direct routing paths when you need it.
  • DHCP Snooping 
    • Protect against rogue DHCP servers on your networks by enabling and configuring DHCP snooping
  • IGMP and MLD snooping
    • Optimize multicast traffic flows and protect against packet flooding with IGMP and MLD snooping, to direct multicast flows to only interested listeners

These features are available to use now, in Sophos Central Switch management.

Bug Fixes:

  • NSW-2509 - Improved error message to be more understandable when firmware updates fail due to connectivity issues.