Can't Unblock Previously Blocked Apps

I'm having an issue with devices enrolled in Sophos Mobile (via Central) where an app that was previously blocked cannot be unblocked (exactly the same as in this post but I didn't want to resurrect an old thread). The devices are running Control 9.7.10286 (latest version at time of typing this message) and I've tried reapplying the blocking policy, synchronising, waiting, then reapplying the non-blocking policy, but the block is not being removed. I've even tried creating a new policy that doesn't block any apps at all, but exactly the same is happening.

These devices have only been set up this week, so there's never been an older version of the Control app installed. Given they've gone out to users and have ESIMs, I'd rather not factory reset them if possible though!

Any workarounds to force a sync of blocked apps would be much appreciated Slight smile

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