Guidance on using the Outlook Mail App with Sophos Mobile

We're exploring the use of the Microsoft Outlook App for email on our devices.  I'm finding 2 issues with doing this.

1 - I realize I can add a custom config to the play store for this app, and I've tried that. Seemed to work in that some of the fields were pre-populated, however authentication does not work, and I'm not sure how to fix this.  My guess is that its not using modern auth for Office 365.

2 - In our Office 365 setup, mobile devices are configured to be quarantined first.  The EAS proxy does fine to allow ActiveSync devices and control their access, however for the Outlook App, it doesn't seem to do anything - at least for me.  We've had some other people just try installing the Outlook App and somehow they come out of quarantine. I suspect the EAS Proxy allows them through - somehow.  If EAS Proxy can't manage email access for Outlook then we lose a lot of control here.


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