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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra stops receiving email - double entries in Exchange Mobile Devices

Hello - One of our users has a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and often has trouble with email that just stops working.  We use the work profile on the phone, and have Office 365 (though it did this occasionally before we went O365).  For some reason typically when the phone first gets setup it ends up with 2 devices in Exchange.  I know this because I've wiped the work profile several times for this user, and when re-setup 2 end up appearing eventually.  The device IDs are different in Exchange, one starts with "android" and the other starts with "afw" or Android for Work.  

Also another difference between the 2 devices shown in Exchange is the user agent.  Its the same, but there's a version number listed and one is higher than the other.  Maybe an update causes this?

We have a few other Galaxy S22 Ultras, but none of the others have this happening.  While it seems obvious that its something on the cellphone causing this to happen, I'm not sure what it could be.  Anyone else dealt with something like this before?  Was it some obscure setting in Android somewhere that caused it?

Thank you!

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