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Android Work Profile Setup: Location Access Compulsory?

Hi all. I'm new to Sophos/Sophos Mobile.

Having followed the setup guides I have a problem. I have set up an Android BYOD device with a work profile. Everything seems to work fine except, when the user views the app's permissions it says that Location is enabled and has no way of turning this access off. I have confirmed that this is greyed out and you cannot change this on the mobile. 

I have double checked the admin mobile console; In the Sophos Privacy Section the option for both Admins and Users to access location is forbidden.

I have not made a rule in my compliance policy to have location a must, and there's nothing in the phone's policy that says the location has to be used - we are not interested in our user's location whatsoever.

I can see no way of retrieving a user's location even though the app clearly has access to the location. My problem is, I'm going to have a hard time explaining to our employees that even though the app says it's accessing the location "we promise we won't be using it" - that just won't cut it!

Anything that can be done? This is going to be a big problem if not...

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