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Lockscreen notifications of scanned apps


I noticed somewhat contradictory behavior about Sophos Mobile's notifications on Android's lock screen and its own recommendations. When I first installed Sophos, it advised me to disable sensitive content from the lock screen (which I did). But when there are app updates, Sophos itself comes on the lock screen telling what (updated) apps it has scanned, thereby showing anyone who glances at my phone in locked state (or has gotten hold of it) they could see the names of some of the apps I run, and could use that information to look for vulnerabilities or targeted social engineering attempts.

Apparently Android doesn't see this as 'sensitive content' (there's a setting for that) and in Sophos Mobile I can't find any option to turn off this updated app list on the lock screen.

Is this something to worry about, can it be turned off somehow? If not, shouldn't Sophos change this to just say 'Updated apps have been scanned' and only display the list when the phone is unlocked?

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  • Hi Gladys,

    This looks like what I was looking for. I think skipped this setting because I didn't like turning it off (I thought malware notifications were also suppressed, and I do like to see them, just not on the lock screen).

    I just tried it, and it indeed suppressed them altogether now, which is fine, I would rather no one sees any sensitive information at all.

    I'm using it standalone, we do not yet have mobiles connected to our XDR. But I guess the settings there will look the same.