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Migration - multiple questions about pending devices

My migration has been running for a week now.  Things were moving fast when I started, but now migration is progressing very slowly.

I have 69 iOS devices pending confirmation.  So there's a lot that exist in Central and On-Prem.  Many of these have a failed Migration Task, where it has timed out.  Some have several of these.  Some have none of these tasks.  Can I force these tasks to run again?

Some of the IOS devices don't have the Control app OR it does not / has not synced for months prior to migration.  I've had some users delete the app thinking that might help move things along.  Doesn't seem to have don't any good.  I've reconfigured the app fresh, from the Central side and while it syncs fine there with Central the migration still does not seem to complete and the on-prem device is still listed, with migration task pending.  How can I move these devices along?

How can I see what devices are being redirected?  I see there's a count of them... but the only way to get these devices off the server is to re-enroll them from Central or they age out.  We have interns that can re-enroll these, but I'm not sure how I can locate them after migration.

Suggestions?  Thanks! 

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  • I did eventually get questions answered.  There seems to be a lot of confusion around whether SMC app is needed on IOS devices to properly complete the migration.  I don't see documentation that mentioned this - and some support staff told me before we started that SMC is not necessary.  And to some degree its not, however we have over 100 devices without SMC installed, and so these didn't "fully" migrate.  Would have been nice to know before we started that this is needed. The migration wizard checked the SMC version, but didn't complain at all about it not being there for some devices. 

    Anyhow - I'm sure this is not really useful information for anyone at this point, as I'll bet almost everyone has already done their migrations.

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