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Sophos Mobile on-prem migration - platform support Exchange 2013

Hi - I had noted requirements of Mobile Central from a few months ago and noticed those have now changed.  Today I checked them again and noticed that Android 7.x was dropped from the list, and more importantly Exchange 2013 is mentioned as support is dropped for it.  We have Exchange 2013 currently, but are transitioning to O365 later this year - many months from now. 

Is this more of a officially we don't support Exchange 2013 but it still works situation or will there be some sort of check that says nope you are not working because Exchange 2013 was detected.  I wanted to get started on this migration but now I don't know how to proceed with this situation.  Is there a way to stay on the previous version in Sophos Central Mobile - the one that officially supports Exchange 2013 until we decommission those later this year?


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