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Apple DEP: Install SMC app without apple ID issues


When enrolling iPhones to Apple DEP, I unchecked the "Apple ID" box in iOS set up and also have it set to automatically install SMC App. 
In doing so, once I booted up the phone with the configuration,I get a notification on the iPhone saying something along the lines of "sophos install..sign in to continue" and when I click Ok
It asks for an Apple ID (which I don't have or want) 
If I click cancel, the notification keeps popping up.

It seems like the phone NEEDS an apple ID to install SMC but I don't want to have an apple ID for users

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  • Hi, did this a long time ago, but now i configured sophos central mobile from scratch.

    i have configured apple business manager and i see the DEP Device, created a DEP profile with "install SMC App", purchased Sophos Control from VPP Store and disabled AppleID in the DEP Profile.

    User are authenticating against LDAPS, that´s all working.

    but the SMC App does not get installed

    Will Sophos use the VPP SMC App now? 

    So i dont need a TaskBundle with the VPP SMC App or is this needed?


    kind regards,