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Monitor data usage for IOS&Android

Good day,

can someone please tell me how can I monitor or limit the data usage for Apps? 

Wireless and Mobile cell data? We already have a normal Mobile Standard licence and if that requires an aditional licence I am willing to consider that. 

Kind Regards

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  • Hi  ,

    Thank you for reaching out to our Community Forum. Unfortunately, we currently don't have such configuration wherein you can limit or monitor the data usage of each application.

    What you can do is configure Telecom Expense Management in Central, which lets you monitor the cellular data usage of individual devices. We also have a Network usage rules configuration, an iOS device policy where you can specify how managed apps are allowed to use cellular data networks.

    If you'd like to see the above functionality added to future versions, you may send a feature request by reaching out to your Sophos Account Manager. If you need more details on how to reach out to your Account Manager, kindly send me a PM so I can share their contact information. Thank you.

    Gladys Reyes
    Global Community Support Engineer
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