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Android smartphones reboot few times a week, no updates

Good morning,

since a couple of weeks ago, I'm experiencing a very annoying issue on all managed (no Android work profile, complete management) Android phones.

They reboot with no apparent reason at least once a week, causing colleagues not be reachable until they input PIN to start the device.

Sophos MDM manages Samsung A52s, A53s, xCover and Galaxy S21+, all of them are affected by this problem.

Any known solution?

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  • I find this really interesting as we've recently been moving our estate from Sophos to Intune and have come across this same problem on Intune. However when we were on Sophos, this was never an issue. 

    Other than the MDM change, the only other thing we've changed is that we now install Intune onto the phones using Samsung Knox whereas with Sophos we just used the afw#sophos method to install sophos on the phones. 

    Can other people in this thread confirm if they also use Samsung Knox with Sophos and if they have disabled "system apps" as part of their config .. I cant help but think there must be a common factor between everyone experiencing this issue if the MDM isn't the underlying problem. 

  • Is there a fix as all the Android phones are affected by this and I dont know what to do.  


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