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Android smartphones reboot few times a week, no updates

Good morning,

since a couple of weeks ago, I'm experiencing a very annoying issue on all managed (no Android work profile, complete management) Android phones.

They reboot with no apparent reason at least once a week, causing colleagues not be reachable until they input PIN to start the device.

Sophos MDM manages Samsung A52s, A53s, xCover and Galaxy S21+, all of them are affected by this problem.

Any known solution?

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  • Hello Paul,

    it seems to me, that it works if I update the Samsung Apps, especially in our case, the Galerie App. Since four days no more reboots. For me it means, that the employees regular have to look, whether there ist an update, at least if the mobile starts to reboot again.

    Thanks and have a "reboot free" day Thumbsup

  • Thanks Peter. Yes, I have seen a few comments on the Samsung Community page stating this could be certain apps causing reboots.

    We have our Sophos Google Play policy set to 'Auto update apps: Over any network' so I would presume everything is getting updated. But on the other hand we disable stock system apps like the Samsung Gallery to remove all the bloatware, and install required apps using the Google versions.

  • 5 different users here with the same symptoms. And No one is sure what is causing this, but recently my Android phone has also been rebooting almost everyday. It began doing this around the same time as others have mentioned. Whether this is a Sophos issue causing the phone not being able to ping something or call home, and throwing a fit (and rebooting), due to the webfilter or the firewall blocking connections. This a strange set of coincidences that all these devices are randomly rebooting all of the sudden and no one can tell why.