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Android Enterprise multiple Mailboxes

We are in the process of switching our devices from managed to Android Enterprise. We do not seem to be able to add more then one mailbox to the device. Is this a Sophos Mobile or an Android Enterprise limitation?

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  • Hi Felix,

    Thanks for reaching out to the Sophos Community Forum. 

    It’s possible to change the settings, so an end-user is permitted to add additional mailboxes locally onto the mobile devices locally, but it's not currently possible to configure multiple e-mail accounts from Sophos Mobile. 

    The suggested way to configure email accounts is to either use an email configuration profile or to use the "Managed App Configuration" within Outlook, Gmail, or another email app you're using. Both the managed app configs and the email profile configs only allow one email account to be defined.

    Considering the email profile from Sophos Mobile will apply to the device as a whole and populate the default email application specified with the configurations you define, it may be best to pursue this from the "Managed App Configuration" perspective. It would sooner be possible for an app developer to make additional managed app configuration options available.

    I wasn’t able to find another MDM that supports multiple email accounts either, so this appears to be a limitation of Android Enterprise.

    Sophos Secure Email will allow you to do this; however, the Sophos Container apps (Secure Email, Secure Workspace) are being retired and have limited access currently.
    Gmail - Only one account can be added via Managed Configuration
    Outlook - Only one account can be added via Managed Configuration
    Samsung Email - Multiple accounts can be added via Managed Configuration

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  • Very nice information on Android Enterprise . 

  • The ability to add multiple mailboxes to an Android Enterprise device can vary depending on a few factors, including the device manufacturer, the version of Android being used, and the specific mobile device management (MDM) solution being used.

    In general, Android Enterprise devices should be able to support multiple mailboxes, as this is a standard feature of Android's email client. However, the ability to add multiple mailboxes may depend on the MDM solution being used to manage the devices.

    Regarding your specific question about whether this is a limitation of Sophos Mobile or Android Enterprise, it's difficult to say without more information. However, it's possible that the issue may be related to the configuration of your MDM solution.

    I would recommend reaching out to your MDM provider's support team for assistance with adding multiple mailboxes to your Android Enterprise devices. They should be able to provide guidance on any specific configuration settings that may need to be adjusted to enable this feature.