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Sophos Authenticator App - move to new phone

Got a new phone and have sophos authenicator app.  Need the items transferred over.

I would hope after 4 yrs that sophos would have figured out how to do that after doing a search on the subject.

Duo mobile was easy to do.

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  • Hi Wayne,

    The Sophos Authenticator does not have this capability, however, the Sophos Intercept X Mobile application does. 

    IXM includes an authenticator app, you can access it by opening the menu from the top left of the app. Using the backup and restore function will allow you to create a backup file, including all of the authenticators you have set up in order to move them to your new phone. 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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  • then this app should be removed from google play store.  All this did was make me mad and vow never to install any sophos items on my phone again.  This app has been nothing but frustration