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Move Phone App from private space to work space in Enterprise


is it possible to move the Phone App(pre installed) to move to the work space in enterprise mode?  I didn´t find anything regarding this on the web.

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  • Hi VN_sn,

    It looks like this is not currently possible. May I ask why you need this? 

    The phone call will be routed through the device's mobile carrier, resulting in it being associated with the end user device as opposed to a dedicated work-related line. 

    There may be third-party phone apps you can install in the work-profile environment (not the system app) which may work, but it may be best to get some additional context here.

    If users are expected to make/receive work-related phone calls, another approach would be to distribute work phones which are enrolled under "Full Device Management". 

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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  • Hi,

    thanks for your answer.

    Whenever we get a call on the phone, we don´t know who is calling ´cause its not getting the contact information from the work profile..

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