Uploading APK wihtout Android enterprise setup

Hello Community,

We have Android app which we distribute to our customers privately and not uploading to the google play store 

One of our customer wants to setup Sophos MDM for their organization and they are trying to upload the apk  and facing issue "Must upload the APK file under a different package name" 

I am trying to solve the issue and created a trial account and checked Sophos mobile section but there is an option to set up an Android enterprise where Admin can manage app from the play store only but the uploading apk option is not available. 

Help will be highly appreciated to know how to upload apk on Sophos mobile central and how to fix a customer issue

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  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community. This error is generated from Google, it checks the identifier used within the APK file as well as the name. The app's package name must be…

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