Backdraw of Phone Number Access/Report with SMC Version 9.7.10098


I got the statement from Sophos via Ticket Support.

I opened an Ticket because multiple Devices cant access Phone Number in Central/Mobile .

We got no Information from Sophos before.

Phone Numer Access is a MDM basic Function. We cant miss it.

Doing it all in Future from hands with mistakes ?

We are not happy about that.


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  • Thanks,Tom,

    The picture for mne is clearer . Its more a kind of smc app mal function in conjunction with new Google rules.

    And please fix is. It is an important basic MDM function, access to all device Phone Numbers.

    In realtime. So numbers are 100 Percent correct.

    We are running all Android devices in "Full Android Enterprise Mode". All devices are property of our compamy.

    So I think, our company has the right to read Phone Numbers of employess via Sophos Mobile.

    I see no privacy dilemma.



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