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Task Bundles still being held up because of "Waiting for User Interaction"


when I try to install an app (in this case Sophos Mobile Control (App Store)) the task stops at "Waiting for user interaction" but there is no user interaction shown on the iPad. The app works fine, but additional steps do not execute because it is "Waiting for user interaction". It's an app from the App Store, VPP and internet access configured (Wifi).

iPad 8th Generation, iOS 15.0.2

A similar problem here but without an answer:

And here:

The linked documentation: did not help.

My "workaround" for now is to trigger the task bundle, wait for the task to "Wait for User Interaction", cancel / delete the task bundle and start it again. It then sees the installed app, replies with Success and starts the next task in the bundle only for it being held up again by the next app installation.

This should not be happening.

Is there a fix for this on the way?

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