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Hello everybody,

I want to configure a Tablet to be used in Kiosk-Mode at an industrial fair with an App-List of allowed Apps - e.g. Chrome-App.

The visitors should only be allowed to use Google-Chrome. My colleagues at the booth should be able to change Settings or launch Teamviewer by entering a PIN-Code.

For that reason i've set up an App-List to use it with an App-Protection-Policy to make Settings-App only available by entering a PIN-Code.

Even though Sophos Control App shows an App Protection for four Apps, none of these Apps lets me enter a Password neither a PIN-Code when opening them.

Also i'm unable to enter a Passwort in Sophos Control App.

Does anyone know a solution?


  • Hello hellm00d, 

    I will reach out to you via DM to inquire further into things. 

    I was able to get this to work by doing the following:
    - Create an app-group (Full) that will define all of the apps that need to be present on the mobile device
    - Create an app-group (Pin)  that has only the items you wish to protect using a pin

    - Create an Android Enterprise policy
    - Use "Add Configuration" to add the Kiosk option
    - Select the "Full" app-group so all apps will be accessible on the device

    - Add the configuration for "App Protection" into the policy 
    - Select the "Pin" app-group 

    If you aren't required to enter a pin to access the apps, I recommend opening the SMC application to select "App Protection > Lock protected apps." 

    After doing so, re-try accessing one of the protected apps to ensure the pin prompt comes up.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Global Community Support Engineer
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  • Hello Kushal,

    i did everything like you told me but it did not work.

    I've sent my Central ID to you via DM.


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