Secure Email iOS version 8.32.3 - Can't sync new mails


one of our customers uses Sophos Mobile Central.

This week one employee got a new iPhone (iOS 14.6). We could enroll the new device without any problems and also get access to the email container.

But after that the user only can see all emails which were sent to his mailbox until the time at which the device was enrolled.

Alle new emails which were sent after the enrollment, are not synced to the mail container.

Deleting the device from the Central console and freshly enrolling it again unfortunately didn't help.

The device is listed without any issues:

Anyone out there who faced the same or a similar issue?

How did you solve it?

PS: The email server is an on-premise Exchange 2013 with the latest CU 23 installed. No EAS proxy is used.

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